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December 2016

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The Old Year Leaves - December 31

Originally posted on Facebook.

I've been thinking of the events of 2016. Keeping this a little short, I'll say that there were several bad things...losing two friends. one to cancer and one to an accident, were the hardest.

I hate that my beloved home state is having such a hard time loving all its people. And that's the closest I'll come to politics.

Of course, I was laid off from "Job 1" in late January. That would have been a bad thing except I was already pondering semi-retiring, so what that did was make the decision for me. I still have "Job 2." And for the record, I do not mention either place by name online.

Most of the happy moments have had to do with music or musicians. Those moments were numerous! I am grateful to have had them, and plan to continue enjoying music (those who know me: yes, the grass is green and the sky is blue).

I've loved getting closer to several friends, and having the extra time to do so. Semi-retirement is great!

Happy New Year! May its days be good and gentle to us all.

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