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November 2016

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Update - November 16

This year has had some sadness. In August, a work friend quit his job, rather abruptly, after growing dissatisfied with the job. He found himself deciding to move to western North Carolina, where he had been on vacation. He was getting settled there, and making friends. He and one of his new friends decided they wanted to see the sunset from a mountaintop one Saturday afternoon, so they went in an all-terrain vehicle. Unfortuunately, the ATV flipped. My friend was killed instantly, and the other person was thrown clear.

My friend's funeral was held here in Chapel Hill, with a lot of people I've known all my working life in attendance.

In late summer and early fall I had several chances to play flute for church services as a friend filled in as organist several Sundays. That was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. On the final Sunday I played my most recently-written flute descant, which had been composed in memory of my friend Dean. It had in it moments of sadness and moments of pure joy. I had lost an earlier version of the piece in moving from my prior apartment, but in the end it was just as well, because this version was much better (if I do say so myself).

Work continues to go well, as does my semi-retirement. I enjoy having the time free that used to be workdays...and I love constantly having long weekends! It is admittedly a little odd to think of myself as old enough to be retired, but you've probably figured out I'm not still 25.

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