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June 2016

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Anniversary - June 24

This is my sixteenth journalversary! Sixteen years ago this afternoon I gave in to the urge to start this site. And I'm glad I did.

I've been thinking today about all the things that have changed in those intervening years. Among them:

--I used to be prone to crying. I can still be moved to tears, but a few years ago I realized I was more likely to curse if I got upset than to cry.

--My writing is a little more circumspect these days, since I'm once again working for a non-profit where politics would get in the way, in terms of candidate preferences. I don't worry too much about being in favor of civil rights things, because so is the agency.

--I'm playing flute again. I took an unintentioned break, but I love having making music back in my life (my piano is still with friends, so the flute gets grabbed fairly often). Along with that, I have made friends with some musicians.

--I'm semi-retired, and loving having the free time. This just happened the end of January. A real perk of that is I no longer have to worry about making up time to avoid losing pay for Monday holidays.

Things that have not changed:

--I have no patience with bigots. Whatever the ultimate reason the killer targeted the gay club in Orlando, he was a bigot and a bully. My heart is very much with those who were killed or injured, and their loved ones.

--I still love to read, to write, to listen to music, and to watch television.

--And as ever, I appreciate that you're still reading!

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