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Updates - March 14

December and January had some good moments. Among them, a late Thanksgiving (in mid-December) with some dear friends that included much laughter and music made. These were the friends who were major instigators in my getting back into flute-playing, so I thought it was about time they heard me play. Before the evening was out, I also played piano for a bit.

Christmas was spent with some other dear friends, who could put up with my being at the stage of my cold where my ears were stuffed and hearing was a challenge. Much laughter at this gathering, too. Delicious food at both events, of course, with leftovers gracing my plate several days after both meals.

January began with a new boss at Job 1. She was nice but made a whole lot of changes, which perhaps wouldn't have been so jarring had the prior boss not been the continuing boss at Job 2. I was thinking about retiring from Job 1, but the personnel folks made the decision for me...they decided they couldn't afford to have a secretary for a while. That was January 27.

I'm fine, at least in part because I got a very generous severance which will cover things till Social Security kicks in. I'm staying at formerly-known-as Job 2, and thoroughly enjoying semi-retirement!

February was good. It was especially nice to get to stay home without concern for making up time off when the weather was icy on what would have been a workday at the former Job 1.

March is good so far, except for being painfully filled with political ads. Those should go away for awhile after the Primary tomorrow.

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