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October 2015

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September into October - October 15

September got itself over with faster than I thought it would! Much of the month was spent working, of course, but there was some time for fun.

The fun included getting to go to "Almost, Maine" with a friend whose son was the stage manager. Some of you may recall that this play was the subject of some controversy a while back, when a high school in western NC had been given permission to put it on, then had that permission rescinded. Apparently, the problem was there's a gay scene in the play. Anyway, a local group sponsored the high-schoolers in doing the play off-campus, and even the playwright got involved.

Trust me: if you haven't seen the play, the gay scene will not shock anyone's sensibilities. It's quite sweet, actually. As are the other scenes in the play.

I had a great time. Not only was the play fun, so was our getting free doughnuts because we happened to hit Krispy Kreme on "talk like a pirate day," during which patrons were rewarded for doing just that.

Another fun thing was discovering I really like playing flute on the back deck where I live. This came about one evening because a housemate and I were discussing different tunes to the Doxology...I know three...and quite often I play better than I sing. We had a great time, and I hope to do this again if the weather stays warm-ish.

October has been pretty good, so far. And very busy. There was a major event at Job 1 early in the month, and much was done to prepare for that. I've also had chances to spend time with friends. Here's hoping the rest of the month goes well.

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