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September 2015

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August Update - September 6

About a week later than I meant.

On August 2, I played flute for the church I attend most often. I played a flute descant I had composed a lot of years ago, and played along on the hymns. For me, it was a glorious day; one of the best times I've had musically. I hope to work with that organist again soon.

From some of my posts on Facebook:

"One of these days I'm going to teach a course on boundaries. (This vague comment brought to you courtesy of someone who just stepped WAY over one of mine.)"

That was a woman who thought she needed to scold me for something work-related, by sending a private message to me over a weekend. By the way, she was scolding me for something that was her fault. She did have the grace to apologize.

"Some of you know I've been fighting a flare of the leftovers of a long-ago ankle-sprain. That was made worse by smacking the same leg when I tripped on something about ten days ago. I have come to two conclusions: my tendons hate me this year, and chronic pain crap is tiresome."

The ankle flare is better, but still acting up enough that I don't leave home without my trusty ankle brace. And the bruising from the early-August fall is nearly gone.

The best news, tendon-wise, is that my right hand continues to do well. I've been pretty good about babying it, to keep the healing going.

August, otherwise, was about work (busy) and hot weather and helping a friend with a couple of projects. September is off to a good start...I'll try to update soon-ish.

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