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August 2015

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Of July - August 1

You'd think that after a whole month went by, I'd have something to say. And you'd be right.

This year I've spent a lot July doing music-related things. I'm helping a friend with a couple of projects, one of which has to do with music. The other is a civic project. Both are ongoing.

I'm composing a flute descant in memory of a friend, to replace one that I can't find in all the bags and boxes of stuff I've managed to get moved into my apartment from their storage space. Of course, I suspect the first piece will surface once the second is finished. You might wonder why I can't remember the first one well enough to just put it on paper again. Truth is, I haven't played it in a number of years, and it's not something I played much at all after I wrote it.

Meanwhile, we observed the twentieth anniversary of that friend's (and chosen brother's) death. In past years, on his birthday and the anniversary date I've just called him by his initial. But someone's mother, talking of her daughter's death, reminded me that it's important to remember our loved ones by name, so this year I'll do just that: his name is Dean.

Tomorrow I'm playing flute for church, a piece I wrote a long time ago to play in a different church. I'm very pleased that I get to play it again, because it's one of my favorites.

Switching subjects now: you long-time readers will remember that Patrick Cleary and I have been friends for a long time. It is my honor to ask a favor on his behalf. It would please me a great deal if you would help publicize ticket sales for his play, Parthenogenesis, which will be produced at this year's New York City Fringe Festival. Of course, your own attendance would be wonderful, too! Information about tickets can be found here, and information about the play is available on the play's website.

I've had the pleasure of reading this play, which is a fascinating study of three generations of women in one family. I woud love to go see it myself, but I can't take time off work to do so. I'd love to hear that it's a sold-out house every performance.

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