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June 2015

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Fifteen Years

Fifteen years ago today I started this journal. I refuse to call it a blog, partly because I hate that word and more importantly because the true meaning of weblog involves links in the entries, and I often don't include any. So journal it is.

Anyway, I now have a journal that rarely gets updated more than once a month. I miss writing more frequently, but truth is, I can't really write about my days at work for confidentiality aspects, and the parts that are not work are sometimes too private for mere words. Or too mundane. Either way!

I used to philosophize in entries, or write about past events. I don't have much time to sort out my thoughts on issues these days, and many of the interesting-to-anyone-besides-me memories are already in the archives here. (You know you're welcome to check those, right?)

In its earlier days, this was a daily thing. It, along with the rest of my life, got derailed a few year ago when my circumstances led to some major changes. I am close to back to normal for me, which is making me happier than I've been in a while. And being able to write things here is part of normal for me. I'm not going to promise more frequent writing, but know that when I do write, it means a lot to me. And yes, I still get a thrill out of putting words between some bits of code to make them instantly visible anywhere in the world.

Thanks to all of you who honor me by reading. I hope you'll stick around!

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