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Of February - March 1

The shortest month was cold and tiresome and snowy and icy. I really battled to get to work in the weather, and the last workday someone helping me walk across a slick patch grabbed my right wrist and pulled...which undid several weeks of healing of the tendonitis. No, I didn't fall, and yes, I know the person didn't mean to hurt me.

And that's about all there is to say about it.

A few years ago I wrote about the Februaries. That's the depression and discouragement and discontent that often accompany the month. And I really fought the Februaries this year.

Excerpt from that entry:

"The Februaries aren't usually the whole month long. No, they're time points, and those points move around our own personal calendars, seemingly as they please.

"They're the moments when we realize the new-car smell of January has taken leave, and perhaps taken a lot of hope along for the ride. The moments when we know, in the northern parts of the world, spring might be around the corner but you'd better be prepared for another blizzard or few, just in case.

"The Februaries are when you realize this is the shortest calendar month until it's the longest damned month ever lived through until it goes back to speeding past and you don't think you have anything to show for it at all.

"But have faith. The year will come to its senses and those jump-around time points signaling the Februaries will settle down. The other months of the year will still stretch in front of us, inviting us to meet them, for the next adventure, the next time of relaxation, the next moments."

So I'm looking forward to the adventures of the rest of the year, and to the arrival of spring this month, since it's my favorite season.

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