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February 2015

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Of January - February 1

January kind of got away from me, in terms of having anything posted here. The month itself was busy, with a healthy dose of fun.

Among the fun things, I went to the wedding of two dear friends I know from church. It was a great ceremony; one at which it was clear that everyone in attendance really loved the couple and wished them well. The reception was a lot of fun, too. I described it as a day when my face hurt from smiling so much, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The day after that, there was special music at church. I finished the celebratory aspect of the weekend having a great time at brunch with one of the musicians.

I got a small raise at Job 1, which is appreciated. The building project there is finished, but because the Certificate of Occupancy hasn't been issued we can't use the new area yet. We hope that will come soon.

At Job 2, it's been a little busier for the past several months since I was given the added task of doing the building scheduling, which had been done by a volunteer. She had to give it up due to illness. I have gotten into a rhythm of working with it, and am getting better at knowing what groups will fit best in what available spaces. Never a dull moment at either job!

Here's hoping February goes well!

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