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December 2014

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December 1

Thanksgiving was very happy, with goodness of friends and food. I knew, before I had been with my friends more than ten minutes, that it would go down as one of my favorites. And it has.

And Friday, I stayed home, observing my usual tradition of skipping the craziness of "Black Friday."

I told you recently that I've been singing in a church choir. This past Sunday, we had a joint service with another congregation, so our choir joined with theirs. For reasons I'm not entirely clear about, we used their robes.

Had I realized their robes could be used for overcoats, I would have worn lighter-weight clothes. As it was, I was extremely grateful that my place was very close to an outside door, so that had I really gotten too hot I could have gotten outside...remember that I tend to faint when I really get too hot. With some judicious pushing up of my shirt sleeves, I managed to avoid needing my escape door, but I was still grateful itwas there!

The service went very well, but all through the music parts, I remembered exactly how out of practice I am. Must remedy that, if I'm to avoid embarrasing myself.

I'm not making an attempt to do Holidailies this year, because December is avery busy month at work and I'm out of the daily writing habit. But I do recommend that you check it out.

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