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November 2014

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Another Birthday - November 17

My birthday this year wasn't a big-deal one, so I didn't make plans for a celebration. Just as well, because it was on Carolina's homecoming day, so the town was packed. And it was bitterly cold around here, so I was glad to have the chance to stay inside. I did see several friends, and heard from quite a few more.

One fun-for-me thing was to have time to really listen to a new CD by my trumpeter friend Paul Neebe. If you'd like to hear sample tracks from it, click on that link. He's very, very good.

I took Sunday to continue the birthdaying, because I could. Most of the day I read. I did sneak in some housework to be ready for the week ahead, but for the most part it was a relaxing day.

Just what I needed.

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