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Power - August 8

Last night around 9:30 the power went out. I could hear some loud noise coming from the area of the highway, and shortly thereafter there were utility trucks parked on the highway, as workers assessed the situation. My laptop battery was fully charged, so I was able to check the Duke Energy website, which showed that the outage affected over 2,200 customers. A note on the site stated that a vehicle had caused a tree to take down power lines.

We had service back by midnight. I got caught up with the news, then went to bed, not knowing that the downed wires were still blocking the highway. That, I heard on the morning news.

I had to do some serious hiking and detouring to get to work, and blame this in part on bad information being in, the bus system's Twitter feed and home page said the buses were running on a delay, where the truth was they were not serving stops south of a certain point. One had to get to the bus stop to find this. A trip up a hill to another stop was necessary, and bad timing/lack of information meant I missed the shuttle taking people to the new stop. I'm glad I had cleaned out my tote bag!

Of course, all this detouring meant I was late to work, so I had to work late to make up the time. That meant I had to rearrange my afternoon grocery-shopping plans, but that part was pretty easy to accomplish.

The best thing I can say about the incident is that the highway near my home is open again. I was able to take a bus to my usual stop close to home, and have no plans to ride a bus anywhere till Monday morning.

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