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May 2014

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Random Stuff - May 14

This past Sunday I skipped church, mainly because it was Mothers' Day, but partly because I wanted a whole weekend in whichI didn't have to go anywhere. As to Mothers' Day, some years it doesn't bother me, and other years I need distance from it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I've made what's likely my last trip to a favorite department store in town, because the store is closing. A small mercy is that it's part of a chain, with two stores in the next town over. But it makes me sad that the local one will be closing. I've shopped there for as long as the mall it's in has been open. The mall management decided not to renew the store's lease,unless the store agreed to take up less mall space. Though the management didn't say so in complete sentences, the reason is pretty clear: the store catered to small budget shoppers and the mall is doing its best to attract upscale customers and stores.

In other words, I'm not their target audience.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Today I was tired when I got home. I decided a nap was in order. When I woke up from said nap, I was confused for a bit, because my clock showed the time as about forty minutes after I should have gotten up for work tomorrow morning. It took me checking several tv channels (and realizing the sky was not getting lighter) before it sunk in that I was by no means late for tomorrow's work already.

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