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Leftovers - March 31

A couple of leftovers from earlier this month, as March comes to a close:

--There were two college students sitting next to me on the bus I was taking home in the midst of the sleet on an early day. I couldn't help hearing what they said. They were chatting about trivialities of life, then got started on music. I finally interrupted them when one was trying to assure the other that a half-step and half an octave were one and the same.

At some point it dawned on me they were part of one of the A Capella groups on campus, so I asked and they affirmed. The step/octave question had arisen after a recent rehearsal. I'm glad I could do my part for music (and perhaps save a concert in the process)!

If you need the music lesson, a half-step is from one note to the one half a step up or down from it...for instance, from a white key on a piano to its next-door-neighbor black key. A half octave would be four notes.

--One morning, I had a chance to tell a saleswoman that something was none of her business. Her questions started with how Job 1's employees got insurance coverage, then got personal when she asked me who paid for mine. I told her that was none of her business.

Of course, being me, I prefaced it with "I'm sorry, but...."

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