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February 2

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Melted At Last - February 2

It was Friday before enough snow and ice melted that I could get out to work. But all my preparations for such made it possible for me to get the end-of-the-week things finished at both jobs.

I hadn't been out in Chapel Hill's Friday 5:00 traffic in a long time. I amused myself during my short wait for the bus home by mentally directing traffic (Driver of blue car, STOP! Driver of red car, slow down!)...I was waiting near a business' driveway where people were both coming and going. The highway traffic was lovely about letting the business traffic take the lead, most of the time. I saw a few business people trying to push their luck, but all in all, it worked a lot better than I had thought it would.

Saturday was warmer,and a lot of the remaining snow went away. I went out to run errands. Today was mostly sleeping. I got up to head to church, but the person who was to take me had something come up, so I didn't get there. I missed seeing my friends there, and comparing snow stories, but the stories will keep.

I know this all sounds boring. In truth, it was! But such is life when North Carolina gets snow.

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