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January 2014

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Snow - January 28

I thought Godot would show up before my part of Chapel Hill got any snow. Not that I missed the stuff, but we were told it would start here "around noon." Which was about seven hours before it showed up.

Since I've had a couple of days to get work done, I've tried very hard to leave both offices in such shape that if I don't get back to either one before Friday I can be not so far behind.

I am prepared to be snowed in for a bit. I've known for a while that this storm was predicted, so I got groceries, etc., well before the store shelves were bare. This morning I took care of the absolute necessity in my household: I added more time to my mobile broadband. It's easier to do the adding online, and if I'm snowed in I can't go somewhere with free wifi to do the deed. I wasn't sure exactly when I would run out (has more to do with bandwidth than actual time), but I knew I'd be unhappy if it did. Problem averted.

So it's good and started here. I looked out a housemate's window to see the snow on the cars and the grass across the street from us...out my window it's a little too dark to see much except the pavement on the nearby highway, which isn't covered yet. Traffic is moving, slowly and with cars obeying the car-length advice just in case, but I haven't seen or heard any skidding.

I hope all who are out get to their destinations safely, and that any who are out without a destination find shelter from the cold.

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