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January 2014

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Church Music Geekery - January 19

If you don't know, I'll tell you now that I really, really love church music. Now that's a broad term, covering some things I may not particularly like. But for purposes of this entry, I love church music.

And today I got a chance to hear some really excellent church music, played very, very well. I was in the congregation at this particular church to hear a trumpeter friend play. I wasn't sure how much he was going to play, and I was pleasantly surprised when he played along with the hymns. He didn't always play the melody; sometimes he did one of the other lines (intended for other singing voices if the singers choose).

Sidebar: The trumpeter is a relatively new friend, and I've only heard him play at one other which he didn't do the hymn-parts thing.

I loved it. I was transported back twenty-some years to the days when I frequently played flute at one of several churches, and also played various vocal parts along with the hymns. This was the first time I've heard my friend play the parts, and I was in my own little music-geek heaven. It helps that I knew the hymns in question and could pay a lot of attention to what I was hearing instead of having to pay so much attention to reading the words.

I haven't played flute for church since those days. There are really several not-so-important reasons, but at the moment I'm completely out of practice and don't have my flute here, either.

Must remedy those things. Must get back into the habit. Just simply must.

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