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November 2013

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Of My Birthday - November 18

The Friday birthday lunch didn't happen. I wound up having to work late, and several of the people who had planned to come couldn't come. This was probably for the best, since Vice-President Biden's fundraising trip to town messed up traffic and the bus schedule on one of my routes and I would have been seriously late to my own party. I plan to ask for a do-over at some point.

So I wound up going to lunch on my own, which was not at all as lonely as it sounds since I went to my favorite place to eat alone...there's always good company at Sutton's, and Friday was no exception.

Parts of Saturday and Sunday were spent with friends, which was nice, too.

Then came today, when my friend Eric honored me. Eric has a wicked sense of humor and writes a riff on daily horoscopes, among other things. I loved this. Be warned it really isn't safe for workplace viewing.

And that, I believe, is the icing on my birthday cake.

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