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Updates - September 5

A roundup of later August...which was mercifully undramatic, for the most part...and the first bits of September.

Our landlords, a married couple, decided to hire a property manager. One of the first things she did was send out form notices to many of the residents, including me, stating we were two rent payments behind. Nope, someone's bookkeeping was faulty. I got copies of my cancelled checks (sometimes a paper trail is a very good thing), attached them to the notice, and wrote a note in the top margin stating the obvious regarding the copies (kept my own copy of the notice with the note, of course).

One good thing that came with the new manager was a new rent payment box. It resides at our mail kiosk, and since my September rent check has been cashed, I'm sure the box is being checked. I had been mailing my checks to the landlords' home. Glad to know I can save a stamp.

I am slowly but surely learning my way around the sister agency. It's a much larger building, and from prehistoric times they've had a rule about keeping room doors locked when the room wasn't in use. Unfortunately, they never learned the concept of "Master Key," so I have memorized the key closet lockbox code. Saves having to look it up in the Big Book of How to Run the Place.

The first of the two siblings continues at its usual pace...complete with Master Keys. It has been good being at both places. I know the main reason I like the jobs so much is having a great boss (who says I and others work with him, not for him...that should tell you a whole lot). I am very fortunate that the people who come into the offices are good, too.

There was one incident with an office supply salesman a few weeks ago. He would not take no for an answer, but it was the only answer, because I could plainly see we didn't need anything. I told him not to come back for two the time I got to that point, I didn't care if my behavior was rude. He announced he'd be back in "a couple of weeks," but so far he hasn't come. I'm more prepared now, though. Not to place an order, but to flatly tell him I'll never do business with his company again if he doesn't stop pestering me. And I'm prepared to make that stick.

So far, September is going well. It's nice to have the students back in town, even if the whole student body does seem to want to ride the same bus I need to get anywhere at the same time.

All in all, I am content. I like that.

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