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May 2013

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A Year in New Beckyland - May 30

Saturday will mark a year of me living where I am. As I said when I was planning to move in, this place is not ideal, but it's good. I would love to live totally alone again, but I really can't afford that. This, where I can pretty much treat a room as an efficiency apartment, is the next best affordable and available thing.

It does have some drawbacks, mainly the housemates who don't or can't pay bills on time. I've paid more than my share of several utility bills several times. But the two worst offenders are gone now, and things are getting better in that regard.

I'm planning to stay, at least another year. I like the space, and the location, which is close to a bus stop and to several small stores if I need a soft drink in a hurry. I also like my across-the-hall neighbor, a friend who introduced me to the place last May when she moved in. I also like the landlords.

So, all in all, good.

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