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March 2013

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March 29

In terms of entries, I seem to have skipped February altogether. The month itself wasn't bad.

March, so far, has been a very busy time. I thought I had better carve out a minute to write before I skipped it, too.

We've lost one housemate, the one who didn't pay her share of the utility bills. We're still dealing with the aftermath of her payment slack. And none of us were sorry to see her leave. For a short time we weren't sure if she didn't understand her responsibility for them, but it didn't take us long to realize she just flat didn't intend to pay. I don't know how it worked out that she's gone, but I gained a really nice mirror she left behind. I figure it was my payment for paying her share of a couple of bills.

Making me sad is the loss of my favorite of the murals of artist Michael Brown. It was the one of a flutist (and a guitarist, but the flutist was the first character one saw approaching the mural heading west on Franklin Street, the main street in town). Seems the new owner of the building on which the mural had been painted wanted to use the outdoor space to expand her restaurant, and wanted a solid wall to use for some sort of garden motif.

I won't make an empty threat of never eating in the restaurant, because I wasn't a patron there anyway. But at the same time, I hope she gets a whole lot of complaints about her action. She could have done a lot of other things that would have left us enjoying the mural. So far, she has been unavailable for comment.

Before you think I can't do anything but gripe, I'll tell you that other parts of my life are going well. I still love my job, which goes a long way toward making me happy, and as a result of the job I've made some new friends. That's always a good thing.

Happy Easter!

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