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January 2013

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The Year So Far - January 20

I knew this new year thing was a Bad Idea!

January started off quietly. But it fairly quickly got a little loud around the new location of Beckyland. The housemate in whose name the power bill came moved out. She had planned to leave the power in her name at least through the end of the billing cycle, but when she got to her new place she found out the power company wouldn't let her have service two places. And the landlord didn't have in place one of those agreements where the power bill automatically reverted to him.

This all happened at a weekend, so we were without power for several days, until the power company did its credit check thing on the tenant who planned to put the bill in her name and got us back in business. This was a gigantic nuisance. We still had hot water, and the weather wasn't life-threateningly cold, but it was really, really boring. Mercifully, I had flashlights, candles, plenty to read, and a job where I could recharge my computer battery.

A bit of relative calm, then came the little bit of snow this past Thursday. The snow wasn't the real problem. The ice was. Our front porch is a wooden mini-deck, with nothing underneath. So it acted like those bridges we always hear will ice over first. And since it's on the north side and in a lot of shade, that porchful of ice just didn't melt much. A housemate and I took matters into our own hands and used a bat, a screwdriver, an ice scraper, and a broom to clear the quarter-inch skating rink.

So, can I please have December back?

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My deepest sympathy to David in his father's death on Wednesday.

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