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August 2012

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A Bus Tale - August 17

It's been some years since I had a good bus story for you. Today, I have one.

I had gone shopping after work this afternoon, and on my way home from the store I got on a fairly crowded bus. So I sat down in the first available seat, one of the four-person ones at the front of the bus.

A woman who had apparently wanted that exact seat (she got on first, but had stopped to talk with the driver) gave me a dirty look when she saw me. She then proceeded to sit beside me and arrange herself so that she was nudging my arms and legs as often as possible. I'm surprised that she didn't flat-out kick me.

Ms. Nudge, it turned out, didn't want to go very far. She got off the bus at the next stop.

A later check showed no bruises.

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