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June 2012

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Home - June 11

I managed to get moved in on June 1, with enough stuff (including a borrowed futon mattress) to get me through the weekend. My bed arrived from storage on June 4. A lot of my stuff is still stored, for free, in the shed owned by my workplace. And my piano is (and will stay for a while) with friends in a small town about 40 minutes from here.

I love the new place! It's fairly quiet, it's in the northern part of Chapel Hill, it's much closer to the busline than I've been in a while, and has a choice of buses for me that run late into the evening, unlike my prior home.

Oh--now that I have a Chapel Hill address for real, I have a Chapel Hill Library card to go with it. I hadn't had one before, at least in part because people who didn't live in CH itself were often threatened with the possibility of user fees (which never happened, to my knowledge, but I was okay using the county library if I needed was closer to me, anyway). Anyway, over the last few months I've rediscovered my own love of reading, and am definitely glad to have the CH Library be part of my life.

To comment on a recent event that isn't all about me: I'm saddened that Amendment 1 passed last month, but I can't say I'm terribly surprised, either. Lots of loud voices bleating in favor of it, and lots of sheep not thinking of the consequences of their votes (this thing doesn't just continue the ban on gay marriage; it has the potential to affect all sorts of non-marriage relationships across the state). I hope to see it repealed or struck down as unconstitutional.

That's about it from here -- Beckyland relocated. Stay tuned!

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