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December 24

This has been a year of loss. Yes, I know there have been some good things, but right now the losses and their aftermath are the elephants in the room with me.

The latest loss is my space in Hillsborough. I finally had to move out because there was no way I could afford it anymore. Also, there was a management change, making it less wonderful than it had been. I miss seeing my friends there, and hope to be able to see them soon. I am back in Chapel Hill, at least for the moment. I am not happy where I am, but it was all that was available on short notice. And that is ALL I'll say about it.

Meanwhile, to keep from turning this whole entry into a whine-fest, I'll tell you I had the pleasure of going to a Moravian-inspired Love Feast last Sunday night. That was lovely. If you're not familiar with the service, please do a search for it.

My best wishes to you all, especially at this time of year.

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