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November 2011

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Thankful Again - November 25

Today began at 7:00 a.m. with a call from the manager, informing me I had to get out of my room because I was two days late with rent. I had misunderstood something he said earlier in the week, and thought he could work with me until I get the second part of my November paycheck, next week.

So I packed and several friends helped me get out of the room. I was still trying to figure out where I could go, and how to get there (no bus service for the holiday). I ran into some friends who invited me to wait with them while several other people were helping me brainstorm and search for information. An hour or two into my "exile," a friend let me plug in my computer, and I found a message from a friend asking if a certain amount of money would help. The amount covered my rent, and I'm good till the middle of next week.

Oh, and the same batch of friends who moved me out moved me back in.

Before anyone tells me I need a cheaper place to live: I know that. I also know those are hard to find, especially for people with bad credit, which mine is. I'm also looking for a second part-time job. Those aren't easy to find, either.

I don't qualify for housing assistance because I don't have children and am not on disability. I'm a little too young to collect Social Security. Local shelters for women are at capacity. And I'm weary of the whole apply-get-rejected process. Trust me: I have looked, applied, made calls to various agencies, begged, tried to sell the few remaining things I have that are of any value, and prayed. A lot.

I'm so far behind on getting crocheted things out the door that I'm not soliciting orders right now. But those things already in progress are definitely in progress.

Meantime, I'm getting ready to eat supper and get to bed early. Perhaps some of the people whose coffers were enriched today by shoppers will want to hire a Becky tomorrow. One can hope!

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