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November 2001

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Thankful for the Unexpected
- November 24

Today I had planned to dine alone, and have a meal or two from some leftover-from-yesterday turkey. Don't be sorry for me on that, since I've had several visits with friends this week, and a traditional Thanksgiving meal isn't a thing I've had to have to make me happy in a lot of years.

Anyway, around lunchtime I happened to look out the window and see that one of the men who works here was cooking something on a grill in the yard across the parking lot. I didn't think too much about it, but a few minutes later, one of my neighbors knocked and said the man had told him to invite me to come have lunch.

So I did just that. Turns out, our worker friend really likes Thanksgiving and really likes to share the day, so he invited everyone (mostly by telling people to tell people) to come eat. Some of us (including me) ate outside, while others brought their food back to eat in front of whatever football game or parade they were watching.

Our chef had prepared all the traditional foods and was clearly having a great time. Those of us comfortably full truly appreciated his efforts and his sharing. It is safe to say this will go down as one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever.

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