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November 2011

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Birthday - November 15

So it's my birthday. To celebrate, I'm dealing with sciatica in my left leg. That was eased a little by a gift of money for Ibuprofen this morning.

After several bits of interim rent help from friends, I've pretty much resigned myself to being on the streets tomorrow night. I have to be out of here, and the place I might have moved into can't to work out. To say why would violate someone else's privacy, so I won't. I'm pretty sure I still have help getting my things out of here and a place to store them.

At this point I'm very much exhausted with this whole process.

I did have some nice things happen surrounding my birthday. I got treated to coffee and had an errand run on my behalf by a couple of neighbors last night. I got a couple of gifts from friends this morning (both money). I got messages from several other friends. All very much appreciated. Oh, and the same neighbors did provide a job lead, which I'm pursuing, though if I'm not here I can't take it.

Somehow, this was not how I planned to spend my birthday.

And I'm sorry that just about all I post these days is depressing.

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