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October 2011

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Sweeps - October 30

Something pleasant to tell you. You know I am living in temporary quarters for the moment, and that the vast majority of my possessions are not with me. This has to do with most of those (the piano is with some friends, to be enjoyed on long-term loan).

My things had been stored in storage space belonging to one of the non-profits for which I had worked. Because of some changes taking place at the agency they needed their space, so I had to get my things out and to another storage space.

Which would have been nearly impossible without the help of a fairly new business in Chapel Hill, Sweeps.

I had heard about Sweeps back at the end of July when I needed help getting out of that temporary quarter. They got in touch shortly after I had tweeted about my need for some help, and while I didn't wind up using them that go-round (friends got in touch first), I kept them in mind and mentioned them to friends.

It was a great experience. The man doing the bulk of the work (I did a little) was very courteous and very careful with my things. I would not hesitate to have Sweeps do other work for me, and I definitely recommend them to anyone in the area (Research Triangle) who needs an odd job done. Check their website to learn more about their services.

I for one am delighted that there's a place to go for getting odd jobs done. I can't tell you how many times I would have been happy to pay for a little help with much as I like doing things for myself, sometimes I run up against a project too heavy or bulky or outside my skill set. These are the things Sweeps is prepared to do, and I'm glad.

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