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June 2011

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Eleven - June 24

This is the eleventh anniversary of Becky saying stuff in this venue. Couldn't possibly let the occasion go unremarked. I know it's true that I have the best journal readers. I hope you know it's true that I appreciate you!

News: As of this week, I have not one but two part-time jobs, both through the auspices of people connected to Non-Profit #2. One job is with the organization I mentioned here, and what was odd was how much at home with each other we all seemed to feel during the interview. That one was brought to my attention by the head of NP #2, who knew of the opening through friends. And it will pay well for the number of hours/week. I'll be able to afford rent and utilities and food and such.

And the other is helping NP #2 itself with a project and with some fill-in work. They're happy to work around time constraints from the other, main job. They don't need a whole of of my time, but the money from this will help me build a small cushion.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have a chance to be back there and to know these people are looking out for me.

Housing continues to be a question. I have July covered, but August forward is still up in the air. I'm basically telling everyone that I'm looking, and several in that group of everyone are known for teir obstacle-moving skills. So I am not without hope.

As to my own business, I hope to get it back on track soon, and finish catching up with the outstanding things you lovely, patient people have ordered.

And I hope as soon as things settle down I can get back into the habit of writing more frequently. I still love writing, and the notion that I can put a few buts of code around something and have it be available to readers all over the world still fascinates me.

Eleven years.

Thanks for reading!

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