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April 2011

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April 6

A brief update.

1. I am no longer in my apartment. I have mixed feelings about this.

2. I am safe and living in southeastern Chapel Hill, in a private home that belongs to a friend of a friend. Several people are helping me look for work.

3. Once the people at DSS label you and decide you are in x-category, God help you if you actually don't fit the category. I am a little shy about what else I'll say on this topic.

4. DSS tried to send me to a faith-based shelter. The shelter refused to accept me. Which is better than me refusing to accept them, because I don't need to be on a naughty list.

5. I made some excellent new friends, some of whom helped me move.

6. I am having trouble getting my computer to work with the household network. I hope this will be cleared up soon, but until it is, any communication from me will be sparse since I'm borrowing a computer.

7. I appreciate the good wishes! Bye for now!

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