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September 2010

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Unamused - September 7

Remember I said earlier that I was amused that Facebook had given my tiny tiny business its own community? Well, I got over being amused.

One day last week I asked a local friend to do me a favor and "like" my business, and he was happy to do so since he thought he already had. This conversation happened in person, and he did the logical thing next time he was at his computer of going to my profile to find the page. Only Facebook sent him to the community page instead of to the real business page.

We got it sorted out but I felt really stupid having to ask him to go like the real page. And when I realized what had happened, I got rid of employment information on the profile page and just added a bit to the biography section.

Mercifully, it was a good friend and we can handle a little stupid between us. But I learned my lesson, and if Facebook has given you your own community for your small business, you might want to act on it, one way or the other.

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