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August 2010

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Grace Note - August 13

Today I needed to mail something for which I particularly wanted there to be a clearly-shown postmark to prevent any question that the mailing was done on time. So I went to the Post Office in downtown Chapel Hill.

I knew that the times I've mailed larger envelopes they had used a sticker that had on it the postage plus the date. What I wasn't sure about was whether they would do that for just a plain letter envelope. When I got to the window and asked the clerk, he said he'd be glad to do this for me.

He went on to say they (meaning the clerks there) liked to make the customers happy. I replied that I had been using that Post Office for over thirty years, and had never been unhappy. Which led him to ask me if I remembered a couple of the now-retired clerks (I do). After a couple more sentences, I was on my way.

A pleasant grace note to end a long day.

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