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June 2010

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Amused - June 28

One thing that truly amuses me about the recent changes Facebook made is that they created a community page for my "employer." That employer, by the way, is me, but because I noted my doing-business-as name (Rebecca of Many Trades) when I signed up, FB decided that was my employer.

When I first saw that my "employer" was linked, I thought the link was to the page I set up for the business. But no, in FB's apparently endless desire to make a community out of everything whether or not one exists, they've given me my very own community.

I noticed a few days later that they'd like me to befriend Rebecca of Many Trades' current and former employees. I'm the only current, and since I haven't fired myself there are no former ones, so I think I'll take a pass on that suggestion.

Yes, I know I could remove employment information from my profile. But as I said, at the moment it amuses me.

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