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June 2010

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Assorted Trivia - June 4

---This is the anniversary of my high school graduation. I've spent some time thinking back to that night, and thinking of the intervening years. A lot of things I had thought would happen didn't, but that's offset (and then some!) by a lot of the things that have come to pass.

---I love getting in on sales I didn't know were happening. Most recently, I went to the drugstore for something else entirely and found a favorite shampoo on sale. I now have at least the next year's worth, for less than $1.50.

---Someone who may or may not have been a scammer of some sort wrote to me at the counselgiver site tonight, asking me to be his attorney. If it was a legitimate request the writer clearly had no notion of the kind of counsel being given (as in, didn't bother to read the index page). I really wasn't in the mood to acknowledge receipt of spam or instruct someone as to the fine art of using a search engine, so I didn't reply.

---Once in a while I have to pretend to be a morning person. Tomorrow is one such occasion, so this is all for the night.

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