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Tacky - May 27

The woman I mentioned in this entry has struck again. The other day she sent a note to the 160+ of us again, this time announcing that we should go to a link for help with our business endeavors.

In making the link she had used a URL shortener, so I clicked through. Turns out it was to her Facebook business page.

I broke several speed records clicking away from that. And I have pondered whether or not I wanted to call her on the tackiness of recommending her own business without owning it in the note. Today I finally decided to let it go. I deleted her message and blocked her from sending any more to least I hope the block went through.

That site does not have a way to un-friend someone, or I would have done that, too.

I don't have a problem with her using the site's messaging feature to try getting more business. The economy is still bad, and the site itself encourages people to talk about their businesses.

My problem is with the way she went about it. Had she just said to all of us that she had this business and thought we might be interested in her services, I would have just deleted the thing without another thought.

And for the time being, I'm not naming her or the business. But if I get spam from her again, either through that site or elsewhere, I'm going to name names.

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