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May 2010

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Not Betty - May 25

My life these days doesn't have a lot of journal fodder in it. Then comes a day like yesterday, which had plenty.

I needed to run an errand, and knew the weather was potentially going to be stormy in the afternoon. So I took off in mid-morning. Apparently the local interesting people got the same weather forecast, and were out in force.

By interesting, I mean at least slightly crazy. Take your pick: on some drug they don't need, or not on some drug they do.

The one who made a clear impression on me was a man who got on the bus, looked at me and said, "How are you, Betty? Don't you remember me?" I shook my head, took off my sunglasses, and said that my name was Becky. I'm not sure he believed me, that my name wasn't Betty or that I had no clue who he was. I was hoping he'd realize he was mistaken (which is why I shed the glasses), but apparently he remained convinced.

He got off the bus at the main stop downtown, as did I. For a few seconds, I was afraid he was going to attempt to continue the conversation, and I was running my mental checklist of friendly businesses for ducking-into purposes (where I was actually going was a little too far away for this). Mercifully, he turned and headed another direction from where I was going.

He wasn't around when I got on the bus to come home. From my perspective, that is a very good thing.

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