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May 2010

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Monday - May 3

Last week, someone with whom I'm connected (at her request) on a group called "My Craft Corner" sent me and her other 160 or so BFF's a note suggesting that we connect at LinkedIn and that we become her fans at Facebook (only the way she worded it was to connect at FB, not to "like" her). I'm not sure how she found me in the first place, unless she was wandering through the craft place.

I don't, as a rule, accept requests to connect at LinkedIn unless I know the person reasonably well elsewhere, but I was curious so I went looking. This woman claims to be a social media expert, among other things. Turns out she's really looking for customers, and is registered at every place that could possibly be considered a community. Then I went looking at her social media business site, and the first thing that happened was a blast of music.

No thanks!

Speaking of Facebook, I really don't like that they've changed the profile pages in some effort to make people aware of others' interests, etc. First off, I find it cluttered. Second, it creates a very false impression of me to look at the musicians or movies or tv shows I've "liked."

I've only, for instance, "liked" two musicians. To assume those are the the only musicians I like is very wrong, but it's unlikely that I'm going to go collect fan pages for other musicians, either. Similar things can be said about movies and tv shows.

So Facebook gives a less- than-accurate portrait of me. And that's about the best I'm ever going to let them do.

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