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March 2010

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Update - March 30

If this particular nightmare chapter of my life ever gets better, I may be more willing to write. I'm trying very hard not to drag the rest of the world down with me, and I am indeed down.

I dreamed of my mother yesterday, that she was here with a debit card trying to help pay my rent. I'm sure she would do just that, if she were alive. I woke up very sad, on several levels.

I so far haven't convinced people to buy rings (prior entry), and yes, I know the pictures aren't good. I'm sorry, but it's about the best I can do with them, and I don't have time to retake the set. If you want a better picture or more information about a specific ring, let me know and I'll try.

I'm now trying to convince myself that it's okay to let those rings go for what amounts to scrap metal (a friend is calling the closest local buyer), and I'm once again on the very edge of being evicted from my home. Please don't ask me questions about public assistance.

A couple of people who don't live in this area have advised me to move. If this were a more expensive place, I might think they were right. But the truth is, this is one of the cheapest places to live around here, and it's very convenient. For instance, I am less than the equivalent of two blocks from the bus stop.

One person suggested that I should sell my possessions and get a room in someone's house. Um, no thanks. First off, my credit is tanked and I have no way of coming up with deposit money. And frankly, I'm way too old for that to be bearable.

I have had a small amount of work come in, and I have a chance for an online, contract job - ongoing - for which I need to take the company's test. I'll do that later this week, as soon as I'm through with the things on my plate with deadlines.

I'm also pondering adding to my craft services that I'll be happy to do the seams in sweaters, etc., that drive people to leave such things unfinished. One of my friends in England just mentioned that she would pay someone good money to do the work for her. I had been thinking about this over the past weekend, and her comment strengthened my urge. No, I didn't take her up on that one, because of the distance.

So I'm trying everything I can try to get back to square one, which for me is the square where I keep my inexpensive apartment and pay my own bills. If you'd like to help the cause, please let anyone you think might like them know about the rings. And about the Rebeccaworks site, of course!

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