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February 2010

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Snow and Stuff - February 4

Greetings from the time between the snows. I think I've spent entirely too much energy this week making plans and doing things based on last weekend's snow and ice leftovers and this coming weekend's possible frozen non-delights. I am as prepared as I can be, at this point.

What I mean about spending energy has to do with getting out for errands like checking the mail and making sure I'm not out of anything essential. It was Wednesday before the buses were all running normal schedules, thanks to ice on side streets. And of course I had to make sure what I had and what I might need. That part was easier, since I tend to be a creature of habit.

Of course, I would be delighted to have it work out that all the frozen stuff came in its unfrozen form and stayed that way. Hey, a girl can dream!

I meant to write an entry about the snow, and to include in it the pictures I took Saturday and Sunday while not leaving my front porch. But there were other things going on and this is the first time I've really taken time to sit down to write since Sunday night. If you'd like to see the six pictures, they're over at Flickr, with the Sunday batch first.

Onto a different subject. I'm sure that people want to know how I'm doing in terms of finding more work. The short answer is I've gotten some leads and am following them. I've also looked into various forms of assistance. And beyond that answer, I really don't have anything concrete to say on the subject. When I have news, I promise y'all will be among the first to know.

Meantime, if you have job leads, feel free to send them. I will be grateful to get them, and can always say no thanks if I already found something. I am most interested in things I can do from home.

And as always, if you find yourself in need of the things I make or do, I'll appreciate being thought of for those.

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