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January 2010

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Of Tuesday- January 5

It's still cold and windy here, though the wind isn't as fierce as it was on Saturday. I went downtown this afternoon for a few minutes, and was very glad I had chosen to wear a long coat this time. My jacket is wonderful, but the coat kept my legs warmer.

We may get some snow out of this, later in the week. I'm making sure I do the things I just have to do before that hits, even as I hope it doesn't. Even a little snow when it's been this cold is guaranteed to stay frozen, and no joke, we in this part of North Carolina don't do well with snow and ice.

On another subject, I finally managed to remember to sign up for Skype today. If you are a Facebook friend, you'll find the information there. Otherwise, you're welcome to ask me for it. I don't know that I'll be on much, but I'm glad it's available.

And that's about all the noteworthy stuff today!


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