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January 2010

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Wind - January 3

I went downtown yesterday afternoon to run an errand. I dawdled as much as I could, but eventually had to go back to the bus stop.

It was cold and very windy while I was waiting. I didn't mind the cold part at the time, but I could have done with much less wind, mainly for my hair.

No, I haven't developed a fashionista personality that demands perfect hair. What I do have is a lot of very fine hair that's long. And a real hatred of hair in my face.

I was wearing a hooded jacket, and the hood usually takes care of any wind-induced hair woes. But this time, the wind was blowing so hard that the hood was getting displaced every so often, and it was hard to get the drawstring and its clips to work.

The thing that finally worked was to duck into the doorway space of a local restaurant (still closed for the holidays), to get out of the worst of the wind for a moment, then adjust the hair and the hood in relative peace. When I stepped back out, I didn't feel as though I were in a hairstorm.

Once I got home, it took me several hours to feel really warm enough again. Once I did, I realized I was getting sleepy, so I let myself go on to bed.

Which is why you're hearing about it today.


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