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Goodbye to Greenspun - December 21

This is the entry from Thursday night that the display problem kept from being posted.

I remembered that I hadn't changed the e-mail address on the rarely-used forum, so I clicked on the link and was truly surprised to find that the Greenspun forums are closed to any new comments or changes. Posts are still there, in a read-only form.

I hadn't gone to that forum in a while, and when I checked I realized I had left an even older e-mail address there, one that went away when I changed the beckysays mailbox setup, so if the administrator sent word of the closing, it bounced.

Anyway, I'm sorry to see the Greenspun forums go. They were elegantly simple to use, and were the first ones I ever saw in my newbie stage of being online. The first time I ever posted to a forum it was one hosted by Greenspun. And that's the reason I wanted a Greenspun forum when I started my journal.

So farewell, old forum. You were a good and faithful servant, and one I'll remember with great fondness.


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