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December 2009

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Back! - December 20

I had a journal entry all written and ready to post for Thursday night. I had just finished proofreading it, when *poof* the screen went black. I don't know yet what caused that(I do know it's the display itself, not the video card), but after this many days I finally did manage to get the computer to work with an older monitor.

The reason it took several days was my own lack of finesse when trying to adjust things. The older monitor can't take display settings as high as the laptop's display, so I knew I needed to adjust. But I had trouble getting the mouse pointer in the right place on the screen to adjust the properties. Finally, tonight, I managed to go a little slower and a lot gentler, and got it reset.

Had that not worked, I was planning to take the laptop over to a friend's office tomorrow, to borrow a monitor long enough to reset my display. And why I didn't do that Friday was the weather. We had some rain and a little snow, and I decided that neither the laptop nor I needed to be out and about.

Anyway, I'm greatly relieved to be back in business with the older monitor. I have spent the offline time working on some things I already was working on, but it was beginning to get really lonely with no Twitter or Facebook or e-mail to keep me company!

And that journal entry from Thursday night? Can wait.


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