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December 2009

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Of Wednesday - December 16

Today I got several job leads. The easiest one (no resume or cover letter required, just a note expressing interest) to follow I've done. The others are on hold for the day because I need to finish cover letters. I hope one of them will work out.

I have written before about how much I hate writing cover letters. I actually do think of myself as capable and all the other things one hopes to convey in such, but it's not easy to say that about myself without some disclaimer about false modesty. Such disclaimers wouldn't do in a cover letter!

I've wished I could do a cover letter swap with someone. I'd write how wonderful that person would be, they'd do the same for me, and then we'd swap letters. Hmm. I may be onto something.

Another happy thing for the day: I was both honored and pleased that Tuesday's entry was named a Best of Holidailies.

Meantime, I'm scurrying to get things done, especially the things that might need me to go anywhere. We might or might not have snow on Saturday morning, and I need to be done with my errands before then. And if it doesn't snow? I'll be that much further ahead! Works for me.

Last but not least, I will remind anyone who needs reminding that I offer gift certificates at Rebeccaworks, for anything I make or do. The certificates begin at $10.00.


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