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December 2009

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Weekend - December 13

I've spent most of Saturday and Sunday crocheting. That's the plan for tomorrow, as well. I'll spare you the yarny details. I'll just say the crocheting is going well.

Another thing I've done (while crocheting) is watch the series finale of "Monk." Oh, I already knew how it ended...I'd made sure to read a very thorough review last weekend after it aired (I watched on Hulu). Some shows I don't mind being spoiled about, and this was one of them. I enjoyed the episode, and I'll miss the show.

Notice that I'm not offering to spoil it for anyone else. It's one thing to deliberately go in search of a review/recap of a show, therefore spoiling surprises for oneself. It's another thing entirely to have a show spoiled when you really didn't want to know!

On to my next topic. Remember that wire angels, custom crochet, heirloom needlework repairs, and much more are available at Rebeccaworks. And I would very much appreciate your patronage.

Also, the costume jewelry described in this entry is still available. Some of it would work very well in craft projects.

And now, back to my crocheting.


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