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December 2009

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Adventure - December 10

I decided to go ahead and make that phone call I mentioned yesterday, so I headed over to Chris and Bradley's this afternoon, knowing they had a spare phone line. Call was a waste of time (turns out it has to be handled by e-mail), but I'll save that rant for another day.

I left to go home, and was fine till I got to the bus stop downtown. I felt a little like I was going to faint, and asked someone whose bus was later than mine if he'd walk me to my bus. I made it most of the way, then fainted. Mercifully for everything except my bottom, instead of actually falling I sat down, very hard, on the sidewalk.

Someone had called 911, and I tried to talk the EMTs out of taking me to the hospital. But I realized I wasn't coming out of the faint as quickly as I usually do, so I decided I'd take their advice and go be checked out.

Turns out one of the smart things I did before I fainted was to grab a copy of the local free paper. That meant I had a crossword to occupy my time while all sorts of tests percolated. And the medical student who was working with me brought me something to eat.

Diagnosis was basically what I thought it would problems except a possible UTI and dehydration, which was dealt with fairly quickly. I was ready to be discharged. Then came the fun part.

The EMT crew had assured me the hospital had a way to get people rides home. Not with the budget cuts they don't. And the next bus heading from the hospital back to my apartment is after 6:00 a.m. I was left to ponder who I knew who had a car who might still be awake at 10:30 p.m. I was told I was welcome to stay in the waiting room all night. No bed, of course, nor any amenities other than a television and some (overpriced) snack machines.

I couldn't think of anyone really local, but I thought Bradley or Chris might still be up, so I called to see if they knew of anyone closer to the hospital who might be able to come fetch me. Bradley couldn't think of anyone else, but he offered to come himself. It's been a long time since I've been that glad to see anyone.

So I'm home. This post is written, and I'm going to crochet a bit and go to bed. Here's hoping tomorrow's challenges aren't quite so challenging!


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