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November 2009

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The Bad, The Good - November 30

If you had told me five years ago that I would be carless and unable to make enough money in any given month to cover my rent and other bills, I wouldn't have believed you. Then a little under four-and-a-half years ago the car died, and a few months later so did my job. Things, which were already tight, went to impossible for a while, then got better, and are now impossible again.

I am trying to maintain some hope that things will work out. I am trying to take each day, with its challenges and joys, as it comes. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared that things will never get much better. And I'm tired of writing about the challenges.

So I'll tell you about two good things. Two joys.

First one: when I last wrote I mentioned that I hadn't been able to see the parade from Charlotte when it was streamed on the website. I found out over the weekend that it was also stored and offered in their video on demand section, and late last night I decided to try it. It worked! I got to see the whole parade! It has changed some in the years since I saw it on television, but it was wonderful.

Second one, with backstory: almost twenty years ago I bought a watch, that I partly needed and partly wanted to support a friend working in a mall's jewelry store. And even though I really like it, I had gotten out of the habit of wearing it too much because sometimes the clasp will catch on my clothes and let the watch fall off. But the last time I needed a watch battery, the local drugstore (read: cheapest place to get batteries) only had ones that fit this watch, not my workhorse. So I bought one, tried tightening the clasp, and hoped for the best.

I needed to run an errand today, I started out with the watch on, but realized that it was missing at some point while I was on the bus. I looked around on the bus, but really thought it was in my sleeves (shirt or jacket) since my jacket sleeves have good elastic at the wrists. I did look along my path on my way back to my apartment, just in case. When I got home and took off my jacket, no watch. I looked several places in the apartment. No luck. While thinking about what to do next, I decided to put away the things I had put in my handbag during the errand. And there, in the very bottom of my handbag, was my watch.

Lesson learned. Unless or until I can figure a better way to secure it, I think it's going to stay off my wrist and in my handbag when I go anywhere.

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