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November 2009

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Thanksgiving - November 26

This has been an odd Thanksgiving for me. I realized a week or so ago that it's been ten years since I've spent this holiday with my family. And even though I'm not really sorry to miss some parts of it (the drama), I do miss the people.

My main reason for not making any effort to go back to my hometown for the holiday is,of course, financial. But there are other considerations, including knowing I'm happy here and since everyone is used to my absence now it isn't a big deal.

I probably wouldn't have thought of it except for the ten-year thing. Funny how those milestones can affect one.

Anyway, I had planned to spend some time today crocheting and watching my favorite parade from home via a video stream. Unfortunately, the parade part of that didn't work (not sure why, but it was on their end; everything else I tried online worked just fine). So I curled up with my crocheting and worked on it a lot of the day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier this month my friend Bradley invited me to bring ornaments for sale to add to his shop's Christmas tree. I decided against making a batch of the Anyday Ornaments that I sell through Rebeccaworks, and went with a snowflake and a star (both crocheted), and an angel made of wire.

I don't traditionally sell crocheted snowflakes or stars, because I can't make enough money off them to make it worth my while. These two were ones I had made for myself in years past, but were not sentimentally important to me. If they don't sell, no loss of time or money for me. And since they're small, if those two sell I can make more.

The golden wire angel was fun to make. It didn't take long at all, once I figured out what I wanted to do, so it will be easy to make more. If you'd like one, they're $5.00, which includes shipping. They're not on the Rebeccaworks site yet, so if you want one write to me at rebecca AT rebeccaworks DOT com. That's the discounted price, by the way, and will be in effect through December. Other items at Rebeccaworks are on a 10 percent discount through this coming Monday.

Wire angel

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